Balinese Typical Bolster Recipe

Balinese Typical Bolster Recipe

Ingredients :
  •     A pig (weight as desired)
  •     Genep base seasoning (Recipe listed below)
  •     Firewood / coconut fiber
  •     Roast Pork (in the form of iron / wood)

Seasoning Recipe
  •     250 gr Shallots
  •     125 gr Garlic
  •      45 gr Laos
  •     65 gr Ginger
  •      40 gr Kunir
  •     20 grams of kencur
  •     125 gr Large chili seeds, remove seeds thoroughly
  •     50 gr Small chillies
  •     40 gr of Candlenut
  •     50 gr Terasi
  •     1 st Cilantro
  •     ½ sm Pepper
  •     Salt to taste
  •     100 mlt cooking oil
  •     200 mlt of water
  •     4 leaves of Salam
  •     3 pieces of orange leaf
  •     2 lemongrass stems

How to make seasonings:
  1. Cut all the spices and then put in a blender, pour 50 ml of cooking oil and enough water then blender. If you like the spices better then blend until smooth.
  2. After that, heat the remaining oil and saute the seasoning add water, bay leaves, orange leaves and lemongrass which have been crushed. Add the remaining water.
  3. Saute until fragrant and smell nice.
  4. Lift and chill.
  5. After it is cold, store it in the refrigerator.
  6. Keep in mind, if you store it in the freezer, this spice can last a maximum of 1.5 weeks.

The steps:
  1. After the blood runs out, clean the skin using Fire or use hot water if the chapter size is not too big.
  2. Remove the contents of the stomach by making a hole in the abdomen, clean the dirt.
  3. After cleaning, just stick the pork roasting tool from the mouth until it penetrates into the back
  4. Add seasonings to the stomach and sew back the abdominal cavity.
  5. Tie all four pig's feet if the pig is large and cover the blood hole in the neck of the pig using coconut fibers.
  6. Light firewood
  7. Pork is ready to roast
  8. Roast the pork evenly for about 2 hours.
  9. Wait until the pig turns reddish
  10. After the red is evenly distributed and the pig feels ripe enough to lift and clean again using a clean cloth
  11. Pork bolsters are ready to be served. How to Make:
  12. The pig is tied to the foot until it cannot move, then draws blood from the neck.
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