Make Beef Meatballs


Make Beef Meatballs

If the family at home is quite fond and likes meatballs, Mama can make beef meatballs so that all family members feel happy.

Talking about cooking beef meatballs there are usually some mistakes, so the texture is less tasty when eaten.

    • Processed meat is not fresh cut (frozen cut thawed)
    • Do not make meatballs using a food processor or meat grinder. Quite a lot still use blenders, so they often fail because all the ingredients are less evenly distributed.
    • Put all ingredients together at once. Yet when making meatballs with a good texture, all ingredients must be processed in stages.

      When making beef meatballs, it is better to cut the meat into small pieces first. This method will certainly be easier to smooth the meat.


      •     500 gr of beef
      •     150 grams of ice cubes
      •     1 teaspoon salt
      •     1 teaspoon sugar
      •     1/4 teaspoon pepper
      •     1 teaspoon beef flavoring (may skip)
      •     1 tsp fine garlic
      •     40 grams of farm sago
      •     50 grams of ice cubes
      •     1 teaspoon baking powder
      •     1 stalk of onion

      How to make beef meatballs

      After all the ingredients are ready, you can immediately proceed to how to make it.
      • Enter the beef that has been cut into small pieces to make it smoother faster and 150 grams of ice cubes into the food processor, ground until smooth.
      • Add salt, sugar, pepper, flavoring, fine garlic to the food processor. Stir again until the texture is smoother.
      • Add sago tani and 50 grams of ice cubes, puree again.
      • Enter baking powder at the final stage of grinding because the reaction of the baking powder will make the texture of the meatballs become very smooth.
      • Shape the dough by hand. When forming a dough, use a silicon hand glove for smooth meatballs.
      • Pour into a pan of hot water (not boiling) and sliced ​​scallions. This slice will certainly help in adding to the aroma of the meatballs.
      • Drain beef meatballs. When the meatballs float, they can be stored in plastic per-portion to make them easier to process later.
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