Making Sinonggi, Typical Food of Southeast Sulawesi in Indonesia

Making Sinonggi, Typical Food of Southeast Sulawesi in Indonesia

Sinonggi is a typical food of Kendari City, made from Sago, how to make Sinonggi is very easy, which is difficult to make a complement. Sago is made from the Sago Tree, its manufacturing activity is called Sumaku.

Ingredients :
  • Sago to taste
  • Enough water
  • Vegetable or Fish Sauce
  • Cemangi Leaf
  • Lime / Purut and chilli seeds

How to make:
  1. Take Sago to taste, store it in a small or medium-sized basin, wash it clean first, of course, after it's clean, prepare hot water, remember the boil, because if it doesn't boil, the sago usually becomes half ripe, its characteristics are white and lumpy.
  2. Pour boiling water into a basin containing sago little by little, while stirring continue to pour until the color of the sago turns into a clear color like the picture below.

Now Sinonggi is ready.

Serving method:
As I mentioned earlier, the usual Sinonggi supplements vary depending on taste, I really like to eat sinonggi (Mosonggi) with fish sauce or pokea cooked using starfruit, then I don't forget Kabengga fish. So the way of serving is depending on taste, some are mosonggi using vegetables, there are also mosonggi using chicken curry or curry meat, the principal is appropriate. Generally, fast food such as vegetables, fish sauce, and chili sauce are prepared before Sinonggi is ready, so they can be eaten immediately while Sinonggi is still hot. Vegetables and regular chili sauce are also added with basil leaves and kaffir lime just as you want, the main taste is mixed, whatever you want.
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